Traditional Council Members & Staff

Vice President
Environmental Coordinator/
Grant Writer/Council Member

Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Youth Representative
Field Worker/Laborer
Water Sampler
Office Assistant

Kirsten Timbers pictured with spouse and children.  She is married to Heather Payenna and together they have three children; daughters Layna, 5, Tessa, 3, and niece Brittney, 7.  Kirsten enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin in Solomon subsisting, boating, gathering and sharing her ancestral way of life and land with her growing family.

Kirsten was re-elected in 2018 to Seat A for a three (3) year term and has consistently been reelected since our first election in 2006.

Kirsten is employed as Chief Human Resources Director for the Norton Sound Health Corporation; serves as Commissioner on the Bering Strait Regional Housing Authority and the Kawerak, Inc. Board and is the Vice President of the Solomon Native Corporation.



Cameron Piscoya pictured with his wife Briana.  They have three children, Sophia, Ethan and Fitz.  His parents are Annette and Kooper Piscoya of Nome.

Cameron was re-elected in 2018 to Seat B for a three (3) year term, his second term consistently.  Prior to that, he served on the Council from 2011-2013 first by appointment as Youth Representative and then election to Seat D.


Cameron is employed as Compliance Officer for the Norton Sound Health Corporation and prior to that he was employed as a Human Resources Manager for Sitnasuak Native Corporation.





Annette Piscoya pictured on the left with her daughter Meghann and husband Kooper.  

Annette was re-elected in 2018 to Seat D for a three (3) year term, her second term consistently.  Prior to that she served on the Council from 2006 -2010.


Annette is employed as a Customer Service Agent at Alaska Airlines for the past 23 years. She enjoys the subsistence lifestyle with her family.




Elizabeth Curran Johnson pictured with her siblings Robert Curran Jr., Helen Bohn, Cynthia Gray and mother Helen Larsen.  She has three adult children Derek, Deilah and Amy Johnson and seven grandchildren Autumn Johnson, Tristan Hudson, Tallulah and Grafton Heath, Sabiohn, Sebastian and Braxton Johnson.



Liz was re-elected in 2017 to Seat C for a three-year term, her third term consistently. 


Liz has been employed by Kawerak Inc. as the Tribal Coordinator for the Village of Solomon since 2010 and as Secretary of the Tribal Council, she also serves as Solomon's representative on the Norton Sound Health Corporation Board of Directors, including Executive committee, Compliance and Personnel, Clinical and Finance committees.  She currently serves as the President & CEO of Solomon Native Corporatirior and prior to that, she served as Vice President of the Corporation for over 15 years with the the first Corporation President, Robert Curran, Sr, her dad, and was privileged to serve alongside RoseAnn  Timbers, who was the longest serving President & CEO for 22 years .




Deilah Johnson pictured with her son Tristan. She is the daughter of Elizabeth Johnson with siblings Derek and Amy Johnson.  She lives in Eugene, Oregon. 

Deilah has been employed with the Village of Solomon since April 2012. She has been managing the Indian General Assistance program's workplans since 2014 (IGAP). She recently completed a 2-year term as an Alaska Rep on the Regional Tribal Operations Committee for Region 10.  

She also is the grant writer for the tribe.  She works remotely from her home.




Timothy Stettinger is our Assistant Secretary/Treasurer

Hello, my name is Tim Stettinger, my Grandma was Frances Wright, my mom was Elsie Stettinger. I have lived in Nome since 1982 and have raised my family here. I am thankful and proud to be voted on to our Traditional Council.









Josh Aycock (who is pictured with his mom) and I live in Colorado he was born in Brighton Colorado I now live in Littleton. This will be his first time on the Tribal Council.

Some of his favorite hobbies are video games, working on cars and fix them. He likes to be outside, hangout with his girlfriend and just being with my family.

Soon he will be going to college in the spring for video game development and design. He is really excited and grateful to be a part of the tribal council and doing more for the youth and elders.










Derek Johnson is pictured with his sister Amy. He is the son of Elizabeth Johnson with siblings Deilah and Amy Johnson.  He also has an older sister Melanie McIntyre who lives in Bethel, Alaska.  He has three children Sabiohn Johnson, Anchorage; Tallulah and Grafton Heath, both live in Michigan.

Derek works in the summer until late October as the Water Sampler and has been since 2015. He attends Water Quality training with UAF Northwest Campus for certification annually. 







Amy Johnson pictured with her daughter Autumn and nephew Tristan Hudson. Autumn is her only child, 8.  She is the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Johnson, her siblings are older brother Derek and older sister Deilah Johnson and Melanie McIntyre who lives in Bethel, Alaska.

Amy is the new Office Assistant that will be working with the Tribal Coordinator Elizabeth Johnson and the Environmental Coordinator, Deilah Johnson.

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