PO Box 2053 Nome Alaska 99762 
Phone (907)443-4985  Fax: (907)443-5189
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The Village of Solomon's (VOS) Vision is


To increase cultural awareness and promote the well being of our tribal members while protecting our environment.

2020 Meeting Schedule
February 20              Tribal Council Meeting
April 11                     LEDP 2020 Planning Meeting/Anchorage
April 16                     Tribal Council Meeting(1st qtr report due)
May 21                      Tribal Council Meeting
June 18                     Tribal Council Meeting(2nd qtr report due and                                                                                     prepare for annual mtg)
July 31                        Annual Tribal Elections
July 31&August 1      LEDP 2020 Planning Meeting/Nome/Solomon
August 3-8                 Solomon Youth & Elders Camp/Tribal Gathering
August 8                     Annual Meeting, Solomon
August 20                   Tribal Council Meeting - Reorganization of Officers
September 17            Tribal Council Meeting
September 18            Joint Meeting VOS Council & SNC Board
October 15                  Tribal Council Meeting (3rd qtr reports due)
November 19              Tribal Council Meeting
December 5                Anchorage Tribal Membership (after Annual BIA                                                                                                         conference)

Our office is located at the corner of Nathan Barron Alley & G Street   (North of 500 East 6th Avenue)