PO Box 2053 Nome Alaska 99762 
Phone (907)443-4985  Fax: (907)443-5189
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The Village of Solomon's (VOS) Vision is


To increase cultural awareness and promote the well being of our tribal members while protecting our environment.

In the interest of public health due to the recent COVID-19 virus outbreak, VOS offices are closed until Monday, March 30.  We will be reassessing our status at that time.  If it is determined to keep our offices closed longer than March 30 for the safety of our staff, tribal council, tribal members and friends of Solomon, we will post another notice of closure on the door and here on our website. Please continue to practice social distancing and frequent handwashing.


If you have an emergency, please send an email to liz@villageofsolomon.org or contact one of our Tribal Council members.  A staff member of VOS will also be checking voicemails and emails frequently to assure that any tribal member requests are reviewed in a timely manner.

Our office is located at the corner of Nathan Barron Alley & G Street   (North of 500 East 6th Avenue)