2016-2020 Village of Solomon

Local Economic Development Plan Summary


Solomon Community Mission


"To increase cultural awareness and promote the well being of our tribal members while protecting our environment"


Solomon Community Vision


   By 2020 Solomon will:

  • Have the VOS & SNC working together for capacity building and creating new projects.

  • Enhance the local economy while staying true to subsistence traditions.

  • Empower ourselves and each other as a community to enhance and strengthen our social and economic future.

  • Strive for unity.

  • Engage and empower our youth to be leaders.

  • Utilize our elders and youth to revitalize our culture and traditional values.




Solomon Community Development Goals for 2016-2020

  1. Develop Solomon into a viable community.

  2. Maintain and increase tribal self-sufficiency.

  3. Assist our tribal members to foster future growth and become leaders.


Jointly Approved Solomon Development Priorities 2016-2020



  1. Fully effective operation of the Solomon Bed & Breakfast (business plan, obtain land, tourism development, gift shop, alternative and renewable energy). 

  2. Expand and improve our ICWA services.

  3. Work with Nome-based tribes to develop culturally related classes and activities for all ages to pass on cultural knowledge and promote wellness.

  4. Improve education and enforcement of land use rights in and around Solomon.

  5. Clean up land and old church site, improve drainage, and add historical markers in and around Solomon.

  6. Improve access in public schools to learn tribal government, Alaska Native history, math, and science using our environment as a tool.

  7. Improve our language resources in our dialect (immersion school, educational resources, writing children's books and Solomon history book).

  8. Create and manage our own transportation program for Solomon (roads, boat harbor, airstrip).

  9. Assess effects of climate change and collaborate for Salmon enhancement and testing in Solomon.

  10. Advocate for an affordable family-friendly laundry/washerteria/car wash in Nome.

  11. Advocate for restorative justice and tribal input into culturally appropriate sentencing of our tribal members.


Other topics of concern;

  1. Work with SNC (Solomon Native Corporation) collaboratively

  2. Graveyard upkeep - tribal gathers

  3. A mining company will be mining near or around Big Hurrah. I think we should be protecting our land!


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